Sunday, 17 September 2017

Where to buy fibre flax seed

Here are some places we found Fibre Flax seed for sale.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds occasionally has fibre flax available.  Perhaps if more people start requesting it, they will bring it back as a regular item.

They also carry a few other heritage varieties of flax that look promising for fibre production. Just because they don't say these are for making linen, doesn't mean they can't be used for it.  All flax has fibre hidden in its stem, perhaps it just needs the right conditions to make it useable.  So far, I've had the best luck with their perennial flax.

Richters Herbs also has fibre flax from time to time.

At the moment of writing, they have Evelin Fibre flax in stock, but Regina Fibre Flax is out of stock.   They also have a listing called 'flax' which may also be useful for fibre making.  I can't tell how tall it is from the description, but if one had the room, it would be worth trying.

Wild Fibres UK also has flaxseed, however, I don't know if they ship overseas or not.

Flax for Sale is a place in the US that sells seeds as well as fibre for spinning.  They don't mention if they ship internationally.

Woolgatherers sells Marilyn Flax seed which originates from Holland.

Know of any other sources of flaxseed?  Please let us know in the comments section.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

videos spinning flax into linen

An example of spinning flax into linen.

And here's Monique dressing a distaff with line flax, ready for spinning fine linen thread.

Our next public demonstration is at Heritage Acres on Sept 16th, 2017.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

2015 Aug 16 - Our demo at Fibrations Victoria turned out great. What a crowd there was. Lots of people wanting to try it out and more young people this year I think breaking, scutching and hackling. Thank goodness for Liz bringing us the tent as it was a hot day and Nancy Bissonnette getting some pictures. I printed out lots of pamphlets and they were all gone before the end of the day. I think that's a good sign that people are interested. Of course, we were at Fibrations where everyone is interested in fibre which explains it.  New photos on Flicker.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

We in Victoria have had a very mild winter but there is still the dampness in the air that the flax likes to suck up, making it hard to process. It doesn't break nicely if it's not crispy.  With the least bit of dampness it will flatten rather than break.

 We are getting a few days of sun in a row now so I've been out a couple of times to the garage to process a few bundles.  I have no long line to spin so need to process. I've been spinning tow - which we have a lot of.  I ply a ball of spun tow to a ball of spun long line fibre to make the thread I use to crochet face cloths.

It's almost time to go out to the barn and bring in some more flax bundles. We have them in my garage in town so we'll have some ready for the demonstrations we'll be doing this spring and summer.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

We will be demonstrating how to turn flax into linen at Dickens Craft Fair
this coming Saturday  Dec 6, 2014.

We will not be doing the heavy processing of breaking, scutching, & hackling as this is an inside event with not much room for the mess we can make.  We will however, be showing off our demonstration table which has pictures, samples, and a number of different items for show and tell.  There will be the opportunity to learn how to spin, using an easily home made, drop spindle.
Hope to see some of you there.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

We are going to get a new drum carder for working the flax tow into a spinable fibre.  Will probably have a few folks who want to try it out, but maybe not so many will want to prepare the mess of tow so it can be carded.  Picking tow.  A mindless thing to do while watching TV, listening to music or outside sitting in the sun where the dust and boon (bits of straw) won't get all over the house.

Will let you know when we get the carder (a few days) and will take some pictures to show.

Friday, 12 September 2014

OK folks - Tomorrow (Sept 13, 2014) is our Saturday demo at SHAS (Saanich Historical Artifact Society) aka Heritage Acres. They have a web site.

This might be our last demo of the year & I'm going to it. Haven't been to any since June 28 (when I broke myself),  Some of the flax folk have been sending me processed flax fibre for spinning from the demos they have done. I thank them so much for that, as I would have gone bonkers if I couldn't have anything that I was able to do for the last couple of months. Was easy to spin with my leg up on the couch and other foot working the spinning wheel.

I won't be able to process but I can cheer them on. They really do need help if anyone can come and put in a bit of time just to spell them off for a break.  Processing flax straw to a spinable fibre is good exercise and you can take what you process home to spin if you want to make linen.
Hope to see you there