Tuesday, 3 March 2015

We in Victoria have had a very mild winter but there is still the dampness in the air that the flax likes to suck up, making it hard to process. It doesn't break nicely if it's not crispy.  With the least bit of dampness it will flatten rather than break.

 We are getting a few days of sun in a row now so I've been out a couple of times to the garage to process a few bundles.  I have no long line to spin so need to process. I've been spinning tow - which we have a lot of.  I ply a ball of spun tow to a ball of spun long line fibre to make the thread I use to crochet face cloths.

It's almost time to go out to the barn and bring in some more flax bundles. We have them in my garage in town so we'll have some ready for the demonstrations we'll be doing this spring and summer.