Saturday, 21 June 2014

The flax to linen folks will be at James Bay Market (Victoria, BC) next Saturday the 28th of June from 9 to 3pm. The market is on the grassy area on the corner of Menzies and Superior between the back of the Parliament buildings and the James Bay Tea Room. The flax folk are on the west side near the parking lot.

Come and watch how linen is made or try your hand at processing the flax into a spinable fibre that can be made into linen thread by using a drop spindle we have for your use.
Hope to see you there

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

This Saturday 14th of June is our first demo of the year.  It's out at SHAS aka: Heritage Acres. Off the Pat Bay highway East onto Island View Rd by Michells Farm Market then the first left onto Lochside. 

If anyone wants to come and help or learn how flax turns to linen you are most welcome to come take part.  Just watch or we can put you to work making your own strick of fibre to spin.

We will be in our usual spot on the porch and grass in the front of the Moody building, across the lane from the food concession.

It's the Fathers Day weekend so there is lots going on at Heritage Acres - trains, food, machines working all over the place - steam and otherwise.  The Museum is open with a terrific collection of items and a weaving loft with a display of looms etc.

We are only going to be doing our demo on Saturday.
Hope to see you there