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 Flax to Linen Victoria  BC - facebook group

We can also be seen in person demonstrating at James Bay Market, Saanich Historical Artifact Society (SHAS) and other places.  Demonstration events will be posted on our facebook site and the flaxtolinen gmail account.
We will be having workshops over the winter months where we break, scutch and hackle to produce the flax for spinning.  These workshops will also be posted on facebook and the gmail account.


  1. Laurie has found a great link to Wendy Maurice's blog about flax

  2. A link to our utube video of Beatrice spinning
    Monique dressing her distaff in the wind

  3. I've made a utube playlist with our own videos on it. The link to the play list of 5 or 6 videos is

    You might have to cut and paste this line into your browser.
    Can also find these videos using flax to linen as a search
    Please let me know if there is problem finding or watching this.

  4. Here's a video on "scuttching" the flax in Ulster, England with the use of a mill to turn the machinery. It also shows the breaking. Their scutcher is much the same as our rotary scutcher but ours is people powered.

    I think there is a series of these utube videos so you might want to check them out.

  5. We will be processing flax to linen at James Bay Market next Saturday June 28 from 9 to 3pm. James Bay Market is behind the parliament buildings in Victoria BC & across from the James Bay Tea room.
    Come and give it a try.

  6. Sorry I haven't been commenting here for a while, I broke my leg on june 28th and have not had convenient access to my computer for some time. Now that I can get to the computer, it's broken. Using a borrowed iPad and it's hard to get used to.

    The flax group has been doing their regular demonstrations at the James Bay market and are going to be at Fibrations this coming Sunday at St Ann,s Academy in the old orchard.
    This is a huge annual fibre event with lots of vendors etc. Hope those of you that are able to come to Victoria will come and check out all the wonderful products the others have and come see us and maybe process a little fibre to take home to spin

  7. Those of you who have been looking at our blog and the picture (slide show) on the right of the screen may have noticed we now have some commercial photos there. Don't know how that happens but twasn't I who put them there. Also if you click on a picture it takes you to Flicker and if you click on the picture there you can see the remarks I've put there. Don't know if anyone else had made any remarks yet. Will have to do a test and see if anyone is commenting on the photos.

  8. We met a man at the Metchosin Farmers Market that was from the Saneco Group.
    Very interesting site, lots there to read and look at about flax/linen.