Saturday, 10 May 2014

Beatrice and I went out to check on the retting flax laying in the field at SHAS (Saanich Historic Artifact Society) and it's ready to bundle. We checked the weather and it didn't look good for Saturday (showers & rain) but Sunday doesn't look too bad.

We want the flax to dry a bit after the rain on Saturday so we'll leave things to dry in the field until later in the afternoon.  About 4pm Sunday we could start bundling the flax, leave the bundles in the field (to dry further) and before we go home stook loosely (so the breezes can finish drying throughout the stook)  in the field by the end of the train. There is some nice weather next week so we'll take it all to the barn one evening during the week so the flax can have a day to dry off any dew from the morning.

>>Posting this the day after checking the field and the weather forecast gives a different look on the weather. Going to be nice today apparently. But we'll bundle tomorrow (Sunday) anyway.

This will be the last of the field work for a long time - a few years of processing to do before we ever need to plant any more flax.


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