Friday, 12 September 2014

OK folks - Tomorrow (Sept 13, 2014) is our Saturday demo at SHAS (Saanich Historical Artifact Society) aka Heritage Acres. They have a web site.

This might be our last demo of the year & I'm going to it. Haven't been to any since June 28 (when I broke myself),  Some of the flax folk have been sending me processed flax fibre for spinning from the demos they have done. I thank them so much for that, as I would have gone bonkers if I couldn't have anything that I was able to do for the last couple of months. Was easy to spin with my leg up on the couch and other foot working the spinning wheel.

I won't be able to process but I can cheer them on. They really do need help if anyone can come and put in a bit of time just to spell them off for a break.  Processing flax straw to a spinable fibre is good exercise and you can take what you process home to spin if you want to make linen.
Hope to see you there

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